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Alessandro Vitelli

I’m a freelance reporter and columnist specialising in climate and energy, covering both markets and policy. I write for a variety of outlets ranging from online news services to monthly magazines, and my articles range from five lines of breaking news to features of 2,000 words or more discussing big issues affecting the energy world.


My assignments take me from within the UN climate negotiations to energy industry conferences and seminars, as well as set-piece press events. I’ve covered the UN climate talks for 15 years, following the annual COP meetings from Montreal to Copenhagen, Paris and Madrid. I’ve also covered carbon markets – both the day-to-day trading and the regulatory processes – in Brussels, Sacramento, Boston and Bonn.


I’ve written about the expansion of renewable energy around the world, the steady growth of electric vehicles, how these trends are affecting fossil fuels, and what’s likely to happen many years into the future. At the moment I'm also writing a lot about the emergence of net zero commitments among corporates and the implications for the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

My work also extends to drafting white papers, writing in-depth research and carrying out policy analysis, as well as press releases and marketing materials



Recent Headlines

Transition Economist: Start-up aims to bring price transparency to carbon offset market
Carbon Pulse: Think-tank floats way to retain free EUAs as Commission underlines no “co-existence” with CBAM
Gas Matters Today: China’s emissions market starts slow in effort to build knowledge, acceptance Europe’s energy transition commits to a green hydrogen future

Interfax: Oldest US carbon market may double in size with new members
Transition Economist: UN’s carbon market stuck in limbo as offset developers await legal certainty
Montel News: EU border carbon levy could be paid with “virtual” EUAs – analyst
Transition Economist: New Zealand’s revamped carbon market starts trading
ALLCOT: Did a carbon tax really help the UK cut its emissions?
Carbon Pulse: New California offset limits are inviting legal challenge, experts say

Gas Matters Today: EU carbon prices double in six months on policy optimism and speculation

You can see more stories on my Authory page.



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Phone/WhatsApp: +44 7710 402060
Skype: sandrovitelli
Twitter: @carbonreporter
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ICE Chat: avitelli
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